Opioid Summit ONE

Opioid Summit ONE

Opioid Summit ONE Opioid Summit ONE Opioid Summit ONE

Data science can help identify trends & patterns that make proactive solutions available sooner. 


how data science can help government deliver better services

 Working with thousands of human service organizations worldwide, I see a crisis coming. Too many to serve. Not enough staff or funding. Running out of time. When you apply data science to a complex problem, it is possible to discover proactive solutions that deliver better results for less . TEDxUW  2016 gave me a chance to share this research and challenge the world.  

Opioid Summit ONE Presentation

Colleges across Ontario discuss opioid crisis based on data science, finding solutions that are proactive and transformational. 

Opioid Summit ONE Community Focus

Working under the leadership of the Institute for Smarter Government 7 Ontario colleges using data analytics and AI partnered with frontline service workers in their communities to develop proactive strategies to reduce opioid death. 

College Kick Off Meeting

If you missed the college kick off meeting for Opioid Summit One, join us here for a re-broadcast. 

Opioid Summit ONE data launch

If you missed the launch of the Opioid Summit ONE problem and data set, watch a replay here. 

About Us

Demand Exceeds Supply

Demand for education, justice, health and social services are increasing faster than financial budgets can support. Transformational strategies with system level thinking make it possible to address complex issues for less and get better outcomes. 

No Data - No Time

It is possible to start with what you have to  start making a difference today.  X-machine TM analytics take complex problems and identify trends and patterns using data available to the public. 

Every Community in the Country Deserves a Chance


Predictive and prescriptive analytic models will enable any community to better identify trends, target interventions, monitor impacts and support evidence-based decisions.

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Results from Canada’s National Opioid Summit ONE will be published on a portal that encourages 3200 communities across Canada to find solutions to the opioid crisis and collaborate with other communities with similar issues, experiences and resources. If you are interested in participating in Canada’s Opioid Summit ONE, please click here and we will provide more details about the event on registration.

We are a worldwide movement. Everyone is welcome.

The Institute for Smarter Government  provides government with an evidence based approach to the current opioid pandemic by working toward preventing the emergence of new crises and promoting the health and safety of citizens everywhere.  

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