Opioid Pandemic

Using data science to predict vulnerable locations of the opioid crisis and to make recommendations to minimize impact. 

Data analytics - minimize impact and spread of opioid crisis

Based on research done with pubic domain data, predictive and prescriptive data science models will help minimize the impact and spread of opioids with improved evidence based policy decisions. 

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Demand Exceeds Supply

Demand for education, justice, health and social services are increasing faster than financial budgets can support. Transformational strategies make it possible to address complex issues for less. 

No Data - No Time

It is possible to start with what you have to  start making a difference today.  Analytics can take complex problems and identify trends and patterns using data available to the public. 

Every Community in the Country Deserves a Chance


Predictive and prescriptive analytic models will enable any community to better identify trends, target interventions, monitor impacts and support evidence-based decisions.

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Use data science to provide a strong foundation of evidence, including data related to harm reduction policies, programs and interventions.

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The Institute for Smarter Government  provides government with an evidence based approach to the current opioid pandemic by working toward preventing the emergence of new crises and promoting the health and safety of citizens everywhere.  

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